Emily, from Radcliffe, Greater Manchester, and Ellen from Birkdale in Southport with Kriszti, Multi-Disciplinary Conductor and Early Years Teacher at Stick ‘n’ Step
Stick ‘n’ Step looks at its positive impact for children with cerebral palsy
The Accountancy Partnership raise £5,895 for Stick'n'Step
Left to right: Simon Duncan, classroom assistant, Amy Couture, CEO from Stick ‘n’ Step, former Mayor and Mayoress of Wirral, Councillor George Davies and his wife Cath, Kriszti Turner, Conductor and Early Years teacher from Stick ‘n’ Step with Evaline, aged 9.
Divine Saviour Runcorn Shopping City Cheque
Jayne Kennedy Marketing
Cycling IS For Everyone
Norman Lovely
Rob Shorthouse Trustee
Classroom session