I’m extremely proud to be the Chair of Trustees at Stick ‘n’ Step.

And that’s principally because of the amazing, life changing work that the team at Stick ‘n’ Step do to help and support children and young people with cerebral palsy.

As Trustees we play a small but essential part in supporting this wonderful charity. First and foremost, we’re here to work closely with the senior management team and to hold them to account to ensure that the charity continues to deliver the services that it was set up to provide.

As a charity we must operate effectively and lawfully.  And it’s critical that we manage our resources appropriately to ensure that the money donated and raised by our supporters is put to the best possible use.  We spend time at our quarterly board meetings talking about our finances, the quality of the service we are providing and making decisions to aid the running of the charity.

We must also be constantly looking to the future and thinking about the direction the charity needs to take.  We hold an annual strategy day to look at our strategic objectives for the years ahead.

Being a Trustee requires commitment and an investment of your time, but it is also incredibly rewarding. 

  • Speaking to parents and hearing about the progress their children are making.
  • Seeing children leaving our centres with huge smiles on their faces because of the things they have achieved that day.
  • Talking to young people who used to attend sessions at Stick ‘n’ Step about the life they are now leading and how they wouldn’t be where they are now without Stick ‘n’ Step.

All of these things make being a Trustee at Stick ‘n’ Step extremely worthwhile.

We have a fantastic group of Trustees on the Board with a strong and diverse set of skills.  As it is Trustees Week, I’d like to take the opportunity to say thank you and to celebrate the work of my fellow Trustees, Claire, Paul, Alison, Dale, Frank and Amanda.

We are currently looking to add to the skills and experience we already have; if you are interested to find out more, please take a look at the trustee roles we have available here.


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