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Conductive education is based on a ‘simple’ concept of human potential; meaning that everyone has the capability to learn and develop irrespective of their starting point

Disabled children are often assessed for what they ‘cannot do’ rather than what potential they have. Conductors are specialists that are trained to observe this potential in a child; to nurture their development and devise structured programmes to enable success. CE combines education, psychology and medical science and considers all aspects of the person simultaneously.

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CE Sessions at Stick ‘n’ Step

Stick ‘n’ Step sessions incorporate play, mobility tasks and songs to develop functional skills. Children and young people work in small groups based on their ability; this creates a positive environment where children are motivated to learn whilst having fun.

Every child and young person that attends Stick ‘n’ Step has an Individual Development Plan with specific goals and objectives. Even though they are working in a group setting, we tailor the tasks and exercises to each child’s ability and development. 

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Conductive Education Consortium UK

Conductive Education Consortium UK

Stick ‘n’ Step are an active member of the Conductive Education Consortium UK. This group meet regularly to overcome shared challenges and promote the delivery of conductive education across the UK.