Take on a fantastic weekend of open-water swimming in the picturesque Lake District;

If you're looking for your next big challenge then look no further than the Great North Swim!

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Why are we called Stick ‘n’ Step?

In the early days of the charity, most of the children were of pre-school and primary age and many of them were learning to walk with mobility aids (sticks). The parents chose the name Stick ‘n’ Step because they would hear conductors repeating ‘stick… and step’ in a slow rhythm to help those children control their movements, coordinate their steps, and move forward at a steady pace.

Nowadays we work with children and young people from 0 to 25 years old with a range of personal goals which may or may not include walking with a stick, but the name Stick ‘n’ Step is so treasured by all of us, that it has…stuck!

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