Are you a keen golfer? We are thrilled to have been selected as the chosen charity this year for Runcorn Golf Club and Carus Green Golf Club. Please contact our fundraising team for more details -

With energy costs predicted to rise even further over next winter, our Board were anxious for us to look for an alternative energy solution and we got in touch with LMF Energy Services to find out how much solar panels would cost us.

Several other firms had already come back and said they couldn’t help us.

We were absolutely stunned when Lisa offered to not only supply what we needed but to fit the panels too, free of charge!

Sarah Smithson, Operations Manager at Stick 'n' Step said:

"Lisa told me that she had been looking to partner with a local charity and co-incidentally Stick ‘n’ Step was close to her heart. Her cousin’s little girl was born with Cerebral Palsy, and Stick ‘n’ Step has been a huge support. Also, one of her directors has a stepdaughter, also born with Cerebral Palsy and Stick n Step has been a huge part of her life.  Lisa was really excited to work with us on this. She said what we do is nothing short of amazing and she was happy to have the opportunity to give a little back if she could.

Thank you to everyone at LMF Energy Services for supporting Stick 'n' Step with such a phenomenal gesture!


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