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Children come to our Merseyside-based centre twice a week for fun-filled conductive education sessions that focus on accelerating their development and independence and give them time to make lots of friends.

All of the sessions at Stick ‘n’ Step use recreation to help  your child’s learning and enhance their quality of life – all with the emphasis on the word FUN!

Children are grouped according to age and ability. The programmes are designed to allow them to discover new things about themselves that they never thought were possible. Each session is packed with excitement, activities and opportunities for children to stretch their abilities. When children arrive at Stick ‘n’ Step, they don’t have to worry about an environment where they feel different. Children are able to develop their social skills with others who are experiencing the same things as they are, and you have the reassurance that they will receive professional individual attention within a group atmosphere to help them to grow and develop at their own pace.

Sessions last about 2.5 hours and are held either in the morning, the afternoon or the evening. We are also open Saturdays for the older children.

How will it benefit my child?

Development is on an individual basis – each child is different and so development happens in a different way for each child. You can discuss this and any other questions you might have with your group leader once your child starts attending Stick ‘n’ Step on a regular basis.

How to refer your child

If you think your child might be suitable for Stick ‘n’ Step, the first step is to talk to us and refer your child.

1. Please call us, or email us.

We’ll have a chat with you about your child – don’t worry it’s nothing technical – and you will need to complete an Assessment Form. The form is long but it gives us a good idea of what we need to concentrate on when we assess your child in person.

2. Once we receive your completed form we will give you an assessment date.

What happens during an assessment?

Your child, you, and any other adults you want in attendance at the session come along to Stick ‘n’ Step. Your child will be seen by a senior member of staff who will look at your child’s abilities, ask some background information and talk to you about your needs and worries.

3. If we have a place for your child and think they are suitable for the services we provide, we’ll telephone you very soon afterwards to let you know when they can start.

Remember, your child’s place is free.


Please note your child may have to go on a waiting list before we can accept them.


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