In line with government guidance on physical face-to-face delivery, Stick ‘n’ Step have re-opened our centres to deliver our services to children, young people and families. Our focus, as always, is on the safety and wellbeing of our children and young people.

The key elements of our risk mitigation for COVID-19, which are articulated in substantially more detail in our policy and risk assessment, are as follows:

Symptom Awareness/Test and Trace

In line with national government guidance, staff or children with symptoms or with family members exhibiting symptoms will be directed immediately to follow national self-isolation guidance and to access test and trace protocols.


Staff not required for face-to-face service delivery will continue to work from home wherever possible, in line with current government guidance.

Awareness, Training and Signage

Staff will receive induction training back onto site and will continue to be reminded about social distancing, handwashing, use of PPE and symptom awareness. Signage will be updated across our centres.

Hygiene Stations

Hygiene stations will be provided in reception areas. Hand sanitiser will be available in every room.


Workspaces will be well ventilated wherever possible, through open windows and doors.


Additional periodic cleaning will be conducted during working hours (high contact areas, door handles, toilets etc.). Thorough evening cleans as standard.


PPE will be used where close contact is required, for example when the CE Team are facilitating a child. Classroom staff will wear a visor, gloves and scrubs when in direct contact with children. There are certain situations where a face covering will offer more protection and will be worn instead of a visor.

Our most recent Coronavirus Policy can be viewed here