Our two Stick ‘n’ Step centres in Wallasey and Runcorn reopened on Monday 14th September. After almost 6 months we were so pleased to be able to welcome our children and young people back to face-to-face sessions.

“A massive thank you to the team for giving Oliver a brilliant morning at his first session back in 6 months. He told me that tonight he is going to go to bed and dream of Stick ‘n’ Step and Becky, and can I take him again tomorrow?? ” Oliver’s Mum

To prepare for the reopening, our team have conducted thorough risk assessments and developed our Coronavirus Policy to ensure we are COVID secure, in line with government guidance. All our staff have completed training on infection control, donning and doffing PPE and our new internal procedures. We have also completed our annual paediatric first aid and safeguarding training courses. With all of this in place we felt prepared and excited to deliver our first sessions back, we have received some fantastic feedback from our parents on how they felt about returning to Stick ‘n’ Step:

“Just wanted to say thank you for today, coming back was so relaxed and very well organised. I actually feel safer James being back with yourselves than at school.” James’ Mum

We are so impressed with how the children have adapted and are already seeing progress being made in their first few sessions.

  • During circle time both Theo and Oscar used their voices to say all three words: 'here I am’
  • Ayman held the rattle, one in each hand and played with it. He did a little standing and attempted a commando crawl for the first time.
  • Charlie managed to knock all the germ skittles down. He threw the ball with his left hand independently and had perfect aim.

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