Testimonial - RobynThis is Robyn. She was like a ragdoll when she started at Stick ‘n’ Step. She couldn’t do much of anything for herself, not even lift her head. “Stick ‘n’ Step taught her how to eat properly, how to dress herself, how to do everything,” Robyn’s mum, Carrie said.  “Robyn always gives it her all. She comes to Stick ‘n’ Step to do her best.” Robyn is now learning to walk independently. “It’s been life-changing for her,” said Carrie.




Testimonials Images2Stick ‘n’ Step provides families with support and advice as well as a room where they can relax and socialise.  Some of our families travel over 50 miles twice a week so their children can attend our sessions. While they’re here they can use a laptop or watch TV or chat with other parents about issues particular to them. “What Stick ‘n’ Step has done for me is put me in touch with others like me. Nobody knows what you’re going through when you have a disabled child. It’s made me feel like we’re not the only ones,” said Christina, Harley’s mum.