You can probably find it at the bottom of your bag!

Or in the tray in your car.  But do you know it can change the life of a disabled child?

Just £3 a month can provide a child at Stick ‘n’ Step with a pair of crutches so that – when they’re ready – they have a tailored set to take home and use. Life changing stuff for something so small.

So please complete a Standing Order form and send it back to us. We’ll do the rest.

Thank you!

Standing Order 2013

Stick ‘n’ Step has launched an exciting new way for people to support us – by using their mobile phone

Donations of up to £10 can be made in an easy and simple way, just by texting us!

This is a great opportunity to encourage even more people to support Stick ‘n’ Step with a donation, and can be especially useful in circumstances when giving cash isn’t appropriate, such as during a friend’s marathon run.

Why not try it now?

Give Stick ‘n’ Step a donation of just £1 by texting STIC00 1, or give £5 by texting STIC00 5 to  70070

Why not put it on your Facebook page or ask your friends all to donate £1 to us when you’re next at a BBQ or dinner party?

Text STIC00 followed by the amount you’d like to give, to 70070.

Thank you!

Cast off your pearls!

And throw them to us!    We are running a Jewellery Recycling Collection, which helps twofold.  First of all, it raises funds for us.  Secondly, it helps the environment by reducing the demand for raw materials, which means less mining and quarrying.

Please donate your unwanted gold, silver, and costume jewellery and watches to this recycling appeal.

Damaged, broken, and incomplete items will help.  All those odd earrings and broken chains are a great start!

Ask your friends and family to participate in this Jewellery  Recycling appeal.

Please call us on 0151 638 0888 or email for more details.

Thank you very much for your support.