Fundraising with a difference!

 Caroline Clark chose a different way to support Stick ‘n’ Step.

“I had heard of the UNICEF ‘below the line’ initiative, which challenges people to live on £5 for 5 days but this seemed too easy… So I made a plan… I was going to live on £10 a week but not for one week but for four — 28 days in total on £40.”

Caroline had the grand total of £1.43 per day for food, travel, and entertainment.  Before the challenge began, she put herself in training. She stopped snacking and drinking wine at meals, reduced the amount of food she ate, and started riding her bike to work in preparation.  On the first day of her challenge, 10th June, she stocked up on food items, spending £15. This left her with £6.25 a week for fresh food and drinks. The early days were hard, but as the days and weeks passed, she lost weight and gained energy.

Caroline needed that energy for the end of her challenge, a 50-mile Liverpool-Chester bike ride.

“During the lead-up to my bike ride, I ate the last of my pasta and frozen vegetables to give me energy, saving a couple of eggs, peanut butter and oatcakes for my breakfast before the start. I was feeling quite anxious but at the same time excited. The ride was the finale for me and I absolutely loved the experience. I knew that I was nearly there. I had never ridden that far before but it was such a great experience and the atmosphere was fabulous. At the end I was on my own but I didn’t care, I was as high as a kite. I had just lived on a total of £38.62 for 28 days and ridden 50 miles on my bike. I was so delighted and all for the wonderful charity Stick ‘n’ Step, whose support throughout the challenge had been fantastic,” she said.

So far Caroline has raised £1,340 with pledges of more to come. She also plans to write a 16-page booklet that will be about the tricks and tips of keeping to a budget while also staying healthy and active.

Caroline admits that the hardest part of the challenge was not being able to socialize as she normally would.  “I recalled these experiences to my friend Ed who is completely reliant on a motorised wheelchair due to his cerebral palsy. He explained how he has to consider every move he makes and how he can’t just be in all places all of the time due to his CP. He helped me realise further the challenge I had set myself connected with his own limitations and I thank him for that.

“That is why I will continue to support Stick ‘n’ Step because for every moment that the charity supports the children with their development, the further their characters will be strengthened. Living with CP is a challenge in itself, and I truly admire the strength of the children that commit themselves to the Stick ‘n’ Step programme.

“I want to say a huge thank you to Stick ‘n’ Step for opening up my eyes to the work they do and of course my heart too. “

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