How can I find out if you have any vacant positions or jobs available?

We are always keen to meet qualified and experienced conductive education staff, as well as office-based staff.

We advertise our vacant conductive education positions on Facebook.

You are welcome to email your CV to us at at any time if you feel you may have skills we are seeking.


Why are you called Stick ‘n’ Step?

We’re called Stick ‘n’ Step because many of the children use walking sticks to learn to walk correctly and as they learn to walk with these they move their sticks and say ‘Stick… and step… stick… and step….’.


What do you do?

Stick ‘n’ Step provides free conductive education sessions for children with cerebral palsy across the North West of England and North Wales.

How did you start?

Stick ‘n’ Step was established in 2002 by a group of parents, all of whom had a child with cerebral palsy and who were searching for additional support for their child.


I know your centre is in Wirral but what area do you cover?

We cover all of the North West of England and North Wales.


How can my child access your services?

You need to call us, download Stick n Step Assessment Form and we’ll take it from there!


How much does it cost to send my child to Stick ‘n’ Step?

Our services are completely free. However, we need to raise £4,000 annually for your child’s place and welcome any fundraising help you can give, whether it’s through a monthly £10 Standing Order, supermarket bag pack, fundraising event such as a tea party, or challenge such as a 10K run.   We also can give you lots of ideas in our fundraising pack.


How long will my child attend your centre before there is any positive change?

Development is on an individual basis – each child is different and so development happens in a different way for each child. You can discuss this and any other questions you might have with your key worker once your child starts attending Stick ‘n’ Step on a regular basis.


Can you guarantee a place for my child?

Unfortunately, we can only support a limited number of children at one time.  Sometimes we will be unable to offer a place for your child immediately and they will be placed on a waiting list. In these circumstances we will ensure you know about other options available to you.  Sometimes a child isn’t suitable for attending Stick ‘n’ Step because of their needs. Again, in these circumstances we will ensure you know about all the other options and services available to you elsewhere.


We’re waiting for an official diagnosis – can you still help my child?

Yes we still may be able to help – please call the centre on 0151 638 0888 for a chat. Sometimes a diagnosis can take a long time, so we won’t turn your child away simply on the basis of no diagnosis.


Are there any facilities for parents?

Yes, we have a parents’ room available where you can watch TV, use the internet, or simply have a cup of coffee and chat with other parents. You are also welcome to make the most of this spare time and leave your child in our hands until the end of their session.


How long are the sessions?

Depending on the age and ability of your child, sessions can vary in length, but most last 2.5 hours.


What happens during each session?

Each session is different.  We suggest you come and see what we do!


Where do your conductors come from?

Our conductors come from all over the world but most are British or Hungarian, simply because of the locations of the training colleges for conductive education.  Conductive Education started in Hungary.

All staff have an excellent command of the English language!


What is a ‘conductor’?

A ‘conductor’ is a highly trained staff member who is an expert in conductive education and delivers the sessions.  They create situations that encourage learning and problem solving.


How are you funded?

Stick ‘n’ Step receives no funding from the statutory bodies. This means we rely totally on the enthusiasm and commitment of parents, individuals, community groups, businesses, and grants from charitable trusts.


Does my child need to be referred by a doctor?

No.  You can refer your own child simply by calling us on 0151 638 0888.


Do I need to buy any special equipment for conductive education?

No.  However, we can advise on certain items that could make your life and your child’s life easier.


How can I get in touch with other parents of a child with cerebral palsy?

Due to Data Protection we cannot pass on details of another parent.  We suggest you ask another parent for their contact details or try contacting them via a social networking site.


Where do I park?

We have a free car park at the rear of the building with ramp access to the centre.


I have other children who are under five; can I bring them with me?

You are most welcome to bring your other children with you.  They must stay with you at all times, and you are responsible for them.


What safety/security measures do you have in place while my child is in your care?

We take the safety and security of your child very seriously.  The building has been designed so we always know which children are there, as well as every staff member being CRB checked.  There are security doors, and no one is able to just walk into the centre.  If you have any specific worries, please talk to a member of staff.


I live a long distance from the Centre – are we able to claim travel costs back through Stick ‘n’ Step?

We are a charity and cannot afford to pay your travel costs.


I’m worried about leaving my child – would I be able to sit in with them?

We expect new families to be worried!  Parents of babies are expected to come into the session with their child.  For older children we find it’s best if you leave them in the classroom.  There is, however, a screen in reception where you can watch your child during their session.  We would never leave a child to continue being distressed by their parents’ absence.


How often do the sessions take place?

Most children come to Stick ‘n’ Step twice a week, every week during the school term.

We follow the Wirral LEA school year and close for summer holidays, end of term breaks and half term breaks.  We are closed on Bank Holidays.


Is there a waiting list?

Stick ‘n’ Step’s services are so popular that there may be a waiting list, but this depends on the age and ability of your child, as sessions are grouped according to age and ability.  Call us or email us for details.


How and when can I get in touch?

Click here for our ‘Contact’ page.  The best times to call, when you are most likely to be able to speak to the right person, are between 10am and 4.30pm.