Stick ‘n’ Step provide free conductive education sessions to children with cerebral palsy. Our support improves mobility, independence and boosts self-confidence, enabling every child to reach their personal potential.

Conductive education is about active learning. Stick ‘n’ Step sessions incorporate play and music into structured routines to develop functional skills. Children and young people are motivated by working alongside their peers in a positive environment and are empowered to achieve realistic goals that are specific and relevant to them. Find out more. 

At Stick ‘n’ Step we support the whole family. Regular attendance at our centre means that parents and extended family have the opportunity to meet others in a similar situation and they benefit from regular respite time whilst their children develop in the classroom.

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We were established in 2002 by a group of parents and still pride ourselves on listening to the parents for guidance on development – indeed some of our Trustees are parents with children attending the centre.

Our Patron is Dame Lorna Muirhead, DBE, whose background is firmly based on children’s healthcare and birth. Our ambassadors are Lily Kendall, Neil Lofthouse and Rob Palmer, we are incredibly grateful for all their continued support.

We rely on a committed group of supporters and volunteers to ensure all of our services are provided free of charge to families, find out how you can support Stick ‘n’ Step.